Special pressure equalizing metal sheet875049
10-500Cooling Hoses Set875148
10-500-YCooling Hoses Set875149
2000Belt Cutting Machine
2786Digital Thermometer872786
307Digital Measuring Element871563
5-300/1100Cooling Hoses Set875150
ACU-8/200Compressor 230V871524
AT10/100Splicing Guide Z872025
AT10/150Splicing Guide Z8720301
AT10/16Splicing Guide Z872020
AT10/25Splicing Guide Z872021
AT10/32Splicing Guide Z872022
AT10/50Splicing Guide Z872023
AT10/60Splicing Guide Z872908
AT10/75Splicing Guide Z872024
AT20/100Splicing Guide Z872035
AT20/150Splicing Guide Z872322
AT20/25Splicing Guide Z872031
AT20/32Splicing Guide Z872032
AT20/50Splicing Guide Z872033
AT20/75Splicing Guide Z872034
AT5/10Splicing Guide Z872009
AT5/100Splicing Guide Z8720131
AT5/16Splicing Guide Z872010
AT5/25Splicing Guide Z872015
AT5/32Splicing Guide Z872012
AT5/50Splicing Guide Z872013
BTS-3-FTool Set 110V872702
BTS-3-FTool Set 230V872701
BTS-3-VTool Set 110V875235
BTS-3-VTool Set 230V875229
BTS-4-FTool Set 110V872706
BTS-4-FTool Set 230V872704
BTS-4-VTool Set 110V875236
BTS-4-VTool Set 230V875230
BTS-5-FTool Set 110V-230V872709
BTS-5-VTool Set 110V875237
BTS-5-VTool Set 230V875231
BTS-7Tool Set 110V875202
BTS-7Tool Set 230V875204
D101-L150Belt Cutting Machine
D101-L300Belt Cutting Machine
D101-L500Belt Cutting Machine
ECU-AV-1Control Unit872896
EHP20Pressure equalizing metal sheet870099
H/0,5"Splicing Guide Z872043
H/1"Splicing Guide Z872045
H/1,5"Splicing Guide Z872046
H/2"Splicing Guide Z872048
H/3"Splicing Guide Z872050
H/3/4"Splicing Guide Z872044
H/4"Splicing Guide Z872051
H/40Splicing Guide Z872047
H/55Splicing Guide Z872049
HPS2Temperature Control Unit875134
HPS2-AV-3Control Unit 3-phase875308
HTD14M/0,5"Splicing Guide Z872056
HTD14M/1"Splicing Guide Z872058
HTD14M/1,5"Splicing Guide Z872059
HTD14M/115Splicing Guide Z872065
HTD14M/2"Splicing Guide Z872061
HTD14M/3"Splicing Guide Z872063
HTD14M/3/4"Splicing Guide Z872057
HTD14M/4"Splicing Guide Z872064
HTD14M/40Splicing Guide Z872060
HTD14M/55Splicing Guide Z872062
HTD8M/100Splicing Guide Z8720552
HTD8M/20Splicing Guide Z872052
HTD8M/30Splicing Guide Z872053
HTD8M/50Splicing Guide Z872054
HTD8M/80Splicing Guide Z872055
KS-P-6Plug for THP pneumatic coupling870746
L/0,5"Splicing Guide Z872036
L/1"Splicing Guide Z872038
L/1,5"Splicing Guide Z872039
L/2"Splicing Guide Z872040
L/3"Splicing Guide Z872041
L/3/4"Splicing Guide Z872037
L/4"Splicing Guide Z872042
P/P-4-F/80Fitting Set 110V872738
P/P-4-F/80Fitting Set 230V872739
P/P-4-V/80Fitting Set 110V875239
P/P-4-V/80Fitting Set 230V875232
PG-GM-V/130Grinding Tool870031
PG-GM-V/130Cam 4,5870033
PG-GM-V/130Grinding belt 50 grain, self adhesive 1100x35mm871557
PG-GM-V/130Elastic Clutch size 30870035
PG-GM-V/130Pivot for clutch872487
PG-GM-V/130-MGrinding Tool871505
PP-HP-110/VHand operated cutting block870147
PP-HP-35/VZ-Stencil 35x11,5872762
PP-HP-35/VHand operated cutting block872761
PP-ZC-35/120-3Hand Z-Shear 35x5,75872808
PP-ZC-35/120-3Tensioning Clamp871160
PP-ZC-35/120-3Blade No. 1001871279
PP-ZC-35/120-3Hand Z-Shear 35x11,5872576
PP-ZP…Punching Press Z individual
PP-ZP-V/150-10-ZPunching Press875104
PP-ZP-V/150-10-ZHold-down bar for conv. belts875100
PP-ZP-V/150-10-ZPunching Plate for conv. Belts875103
PP-ZP-V/150-10-ZPunching Set 70x11,5875082
PP-ZP-V/150-10-ZSliding Table875098
PP-ZP-V/150-10-ZHold-down bar for timing belts875099
PP-ZP-V/150-10-ZProfile Guide Rail Sets875101
PP-ZP-V/150-10-ZPunching Plate for timing belts875102
PP-ZP-V/150-10-ZPunching Set 70x11,5 for timing belts875080
PP-ZP-V/150-6Punching Press872089
PP-ZP-V/80-10-ZPunching Press875094
PP-ZP-V/80-3Punching Press872483
PP-ZP-V/80-6Punching Press872583
PP-ZP-V/V-HPunching Press Z872882
PS-PM-110/VPeeling and Splitting machine871330
PS-WD-70/VWedge Peeling machine870241
PS-WD-70/VWedge Peeling machine with motor870242
R006-MMBelt scraper module
RMK…NRolling knife edge standard element
RMK…QRolling knife edge transverse force element
RPL 8.1152Jack 3/8"870511
RPL 8.6810/JViton Seal Ring870513
RPL 8.6810/JVHose Coupling870512
SB-HP-120/50Heating Press 110V872651
SB-HP-120/50Heating Press 230V870067
SB-HP-160/100Heating Press 110V870950
SB-HP-160/100Heating Press 230V870069
SB-HP-160/150Heating Press 110V871240
SB-HP-160/150Heating Press 230V870070
SB-HP-180/200Heating Press 110V871241
SB-HP-180/200Heating Press 230V870075
SB-HP-70/250Heating Press 110V871297
SB-HP-70/250Heating Press 230V871128
SM-CC-60Cooling Clamp871598
SM-CC-60Cooling Clamp872862
SM-CC-80Cooling Clamp872780
SM-HC-50/60-FHeating Clamp 110V872387
SM-HC-50/60-FHeating Clamp 230V872386
SM-HC-50/60-VHeating Clamp 110V875226
SM-HC-50/60-VHeating Clamp 230V875223
SM-HC-50/80-FHeating Clamp 110V872368
SM-HC-50/80-FHeating Clamp 230V872366
SM-HC-50/80-VHeating Clamp 110V875225
SM-HC-50/80-VHeating Clamp 230V875222
SM-HC-80/60-VHeating Clamp 110V875227
SM-HC-80/60-VHeating Clamp 230V875224
SM-HD-110/4000Heating Tool 110V872918
SM-HD-110/4000Heating Tool 230V872819
SM-HP-120/1250-P-1Heating Tool 3x220V875156
SM-HP-120/1250-P-1Heating Tool 400V875155
SM-HP-120/130Heating Press 110V872903
SM-HP-120/130Heating Press 230V872902
SM-HP-120/150-IHeating Press 110V875123
SM-HP-120/150-IHeating Press 230V875124
SM-HP-120/200Heating Press872930
SM-HP-120/2000-P-IHeating Press 110V875158
SM-HP-120/2000-P-IHeating Press 230V875157
SM-HP-120/300-P-IHeating Press 110V875152
SM-HP-120/300-P-IHeating Press 230V875151
SM-HP-120/310Heating Press872931
SM-HP-120/750-P-IHeating Press 875154
SM-HP-120/750-P-IHeating Press 875153
SM-HP-180/1000-P-IHeating Press 110V875162
SM-HP-180/1000-P-IHeating Press 230V875161
SM-HP-180/2250-LP-IHeating Press 3x220V875166
SM-HP-180/2250-LP-IHeating Press 3x400V875165
SM-HP-180/3000-P-IHeating Press 3x220V875168
SM-HP-180/3000-P-IHeating Press 3x400V875167
SM-HP-180/3500-P-IHeating Press 3x220V875170
SM-HP-180/3500-P-IHeating Press 3x400V875169
SM-HP-180/4000-P-IHeating Press 3x220V875172
SM-HP-180/4000-P-IHeating Press 3x400V875171
SM-HP-180/500-P-IHeating Press 110V875160
SM-HP-180/500-P-IHeating Press 230V875159
SM-RD-120/1250-IHeating Plate 3x220V875178
SM-RD-120/1250-IHeating Plate 3x400V875177
SM-RD-120/300-IHeating Plate 110V875174
SM-RD-120/300-IHeating Plate 230V875173
SM-RD-120/750-IHeating Plate 110V875176
SM-RD-120/750-IHeating Plate 230V875175
SMX-BD-0/100-3VHeating Tool for butt welds 110V875193
SMX-BD-0/100-3VHeating Tool for butt welds 230V875192
SMX-CC-120Cooling Clamp872076
SMX-HC-65/120Heating Clamp 110V875200
SMX-HC-65/120Heating Clamp 230V875201
SMX-HP-150/120-PPHeating Press 230V871809
SMX-HP-150/120-PP-IHeating Press 110V875183
SMX-HP-150/120-PP-IHeating Press 230V875182
SMX-HP-150/60-PP-IHeating Press 110V875185
SMX-HP-150/60-PP-IHeating Press 230V875125
SW5Screw driver with T-handle875083
T10/100Splicing Guide Z872019
T10/12Splicing Guide Z872245
T10/16Splicing Guide Z872014
T10/25Splicing Guide Z872015
T10/32Splicing Guide Z872016
T10/50Splicing Guide Z872017
T10/75Splicing Guide Z872018
T20/100Splicing Guide Z872030
T20/150Splicing Guide Z8720301
T20/25Splicing Guide Z872026
T20/32Splicing Guide Z872027
T20/50Splicing Guide Z872028
T20/75Splicing Guide Z872029
T5/10Splicing Guide Z872004
T5/100Splicing Guide Z8720081
T5/16Splicing Guide Z872005
T5/25Splicing Guide Z872006
T5/32Splicing Guide Z872007
T5/50Splicing Guide Z872008
THP15Collar Nut M16870856
THP225PClamping Rail adjustable872605
THP225PClamping Rail not adjustable872606
THP350PClamp Rail adjustable872615
THP350PClamp Rail not adjustable872616
TRHPRepair Heating Tool872472
WCD-26Cooling Device872856
WCD-26Cooling Device871366
WCD-26Cooling Device for TRHP872753
WCD-55Cooling Device870356
WCD-55Cooling Device875122
WCD-55Cooling Device875356
WHB130H180S2Heating Press
WHB200H180S2Heating Press
WHB300H180S2Heating Press
WHB70D1Heating Press
Belt wash unit
Magnetic Valve for HPS2 110V872859
Magnetic Valve for HPS2 230V872858
Sensor for measuring element 307 NiCrNi, 0-260°C, 1000 mm871564
Sensor for measuring element 307 NiCrNi, 0-400°C, 2000 mm871565
Fitting for coupling DN5 for THP 6/11-15/1587051211
Star knob screw87194821
Separating Paper 50 mtr. width 330 mm870174
Silicone Fabric No. 1 width 330 mm873029
Clip for splicing guides871447
Pressure Plate for SMX-HC-65/120871390
Clamping Plate for SMX-HC-65/120871163
Textured fabric 112x130 mm871164
Timer for heating clamps871225
Trimming Knife872853
Spare Springs for trimming knife872854
Assembly Case without inlay875032
Supporting Frame for manual drill870565
Z-Stencil 70x11,5871514
Blade 110mm872079
Blade 35mm872077
Blade Set 70875081
Side cutter for timing belts875084
Punching Set Z 35x5,75875086
Punching Set Z 35x11,5875088
Punching Set Z 70x11,5875090
Punching Set Z 110x11,5875092
Hold-down bar872090
Hold-down bar, adjustable872092
Blade 70 mm872078
Punching Plate 186x190mm872147
Hold-down bar for conv. Belts875076
Punching Plate 6x115x174875079
Sliding Table pitch 11,5875074
Hold-down bar for timing belts875075
Profile Guide Rail Sets875077
Punching Plate steel875078
Punching Set 70x11,5875080
Punching Set 35x5,75872656
Punching Set 35x11,5872657
Punching Set 70x11,5872658
Punching Set 110x11,5872659
Blade 70 mm872112
Blade 35mm872111
Blade 110mm872113
Hold-down bar872584
Hold-down bar, adjustable872585
Blade 35mm872077
Blade Rail 35x11,5872424
Blade Rail 70x11,5872425
Foot Pump872589
Manual Pressure Pump872846
Hydraulic Hose872590
Peeling knife 10x63x110mm872426
Splitting knife 110x63x6mm871147
Knurled roller871801
Knife 70x90x6mm870243
Traction Roller871165
Setting Gauge871582
Pressure equalizing metal sheet870693
Soft Pad870087
Heat resistant foil 0,05mm870079
Cooling Hose DN10 500 mm870785
Pressure equalizing metal sheet870069
Soft Pad870089
Heat resistant foil 0,05mm870081
Pressure equalizing metal sheet870098
Soft Pad870090
Heat resistant foil 0,05mm870082
Soft Pad870091
Heat resistant foil 0,05mm870083
Pressure equalizing metal sheet871130
Heat resistant foil 0,05mm871131
Teflon splicing guide 10871598
Teflon splicing guide 12872883
Teflon splicing guide 15871599
Teflon splicing guide 16872767
Teflon splicing guide 18872816
Teflon splicing guide 20871600
Teflon splicing guide 22872768
Teflon splicing guide 25871601
Teflon splicing guide 30871602
Teflon splicing guide 35871603
Teflon splicing guide 40871604
Teflon splicing guide 45871605
Teflon splicing guide 50871606
Teflon splicing guide 55871607
Teflon splicing guide 60871608
Plastic splicing guide 12872121
Plastic splicing guide 15872122
Plastic splicing guide 16871123
Plastic splicing guide 18872124
Plastic splicing guide 19872125
Plastic splicing guide 20872126
Plastic splicing guide 22872127
Plastic splicing guide 25872128
Plastic splicing guide 30872129
Plastic splicing guide 35872130
Plastic splicing guide 40872131
Plastic splicing guide 45872132
Plastic splicing guide 50872133
Plastic splicing guide 55872134
Plastic splicing guide 60872135
Plastic splicing guide 65872136
Plastic splicing guide 70872137
Plastic splicing guide 75872138
Plastic splicing guide 80872139
Cooling Hoses Set DN10 500mm875148
Accessory Set 220/5875143
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872515
Separating Paper 50 mtr. width 400 mm870620
Input Inlet D230V 16A Schuko-plug875126
Input Inlet US110V 15A875180
Input Inlet 400V 16A CEE-plug875129
Pretensioning with clamp rails872803
Standard accessory set872793
Profile accessory set K6872794
Profile accessory set K10872795
Profile accessory set K13872796
Profile accessory set K15872796
Profile accessory set K17872797
Accessory Set for longitudinal profile K15x5,5872851
Accessory Set 220/1875142
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872498
Standard accessory set875011
Cooling Hose DN5 300mm871684
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872521
Special pressure equalizing metal sheet875056
Accessory Set 220/10875144
Eye bolt M20x270872870
Pressure equalizing metal sheet871482
Standard accessory set875012
Accessory Set 220/5875143
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872219
Accessory Set 330/5875146
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872533
Soft Pad width 330mm870211
Accessory Set 330/10875147
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872545
Special pressure equalizing metal sheet875042
Hold-down bar adjustable872609
Hold-down bar not adjustable872610
Pressure equalizing metal sheet870268
Special pressure equalizing metal sheet875044
Special pressure equalizing metal sheet875047
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872725
Hold-down bar adjustable872724
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872208
Accessory Set 330/1875145
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872527
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872571
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872561
Pressure equalizing metal sheet872566
Longitudinal cutting device
Longitudinal slitter
Longitudinal cutting table with saw
Longitudinal cutting table with shear